Welcome to Connecting Medicine

Welcome to Connecting Medicine - a Chinese Medicine Clinic located in Ballarat. We offer Acupuncture, Chinese Herbal Medicine and Chinese Massage. We specialise in Women's health, bowel disease and digestive problems, pain management, respiratory disease and all kinds of chronic conditions that do not respond to conventional treatment. We have over 35 years experience in both western biomedical research and Chinese Medicine.

We specialise in chronic conditions and have a high success rate with clients in solving health problems - often your experience has been that the western medical approach does not work for you, or you may feel it does not fit with what you want for your body.

Typically a chronic condition interferes with your ability to fully participate in life. We have four wheels in life - work, eating, sleeping and activity ( which includes exercise and play). When we are unable to participate in one or more of these four wheels of our life we start falling off and your life becomes a struggle rather than a pleasure.

You may be experiencing:

  • pain somewhere in your body that does not feel right
  • being unable to focus at work or to sleep or to manage your emotions.
  • your digestive or respiratory system is not working properly
  • being unable to get rid of an infection or being diagnosed with an autoimmune disease
  • your blood count or organ function tests are abnormal, but no satisfactory reason why
  • unexplained skin rashes or skin complaints such as psoriasis or eczema
  • pain or difficulty moving your muscles or tendons or bones
  • problems with your hormones and/or reproductive system
  • cancer and our ability to deal with and recover from chemo and radio therapy

We offer healing through Chinese Herbal Teas that are specially designed for your body to help it heal, and Acupuncture to help rebalance and guide yur body back to health. We practice several styles of Acupuncture and we choose the one that will work best for you.

Our Vision

Our vision is to combine Chinese Medicine with Western Medicine to solve chronic health conditions, by blending ancient wisdom based on the laws of nature with modern scientific knowledge.

The Connecting Medicine clinic offer, combines  a unique blend of western biomedical research knowledge with Chinese Medicine Practice(CMP). The treatment is tailored specially to restore your body’s natural balance and vital energy.

We offer five different styles of acupuncture (Five Element, Meridian Style, TCM, Master Tung’s Style, Laser needle free), Classical Chinese Herbal Medicine and Chinese Massage. Just one hour of our concentrated and focused effort can help you on your road to recovery.

What is Five Element Acupuncture?

A gentle and effective style of Acupuncture that goes to the heart of the illness; it rebalances, unblocks and strengthens your inner core. By balancing your inner core, your energy flow can be released allowing your body to work at optimum levels.The practitioner works holistically and actively with you for the duration of the treatment combining Acupuncture with Moxa, a herb that nourishes your energy and blood.

You will feel the benefits from day one.