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Classical Chinese Herbal Medicine
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Working together for your health
  • Getting well is all about team work and that means both client and practitioner must both make a commitment to achieve the best results.
What is required from Us:
  • Building trust and empathy with you; skilful assessment of your condition and case history; analysis of the facts and their fit with Chinese Medical Theory; consideration of how it relates to western medical diagnosis. Pinpoint,then address the cause of the illness
What is required from You:
  • The journey to health is an experience of relief, as you experience gradual health improvements and regain your zest for life, interspersed with some episodes of discomfort, which can be frustrating but generally short lived
  • Patience and understanding: recovering health from a chronic condition takes time and investment at several levels
Our commitment:
  • To produce results which improve your health and consequent enjoyment and ability to participate fully in life
  • To support you on your journey – mind, body and spirit – to help you regain your health and vitality
  • To listen to you and take account of your concerns
Your Commitment:
  • To attend all appointments and follow our recommendations and prescriptions.
  • To communicate about issues or concerns as they arise and to follow lifestyle advice that will benefit your health.
Your incentive:
  • To be able to participate more fully in life with renewed vitality and a restored balance in body, mind and spirit