Classical Chinese Herbal Medicine

Chinese Culture has been actively developing Herbal Medicine to treat illness for over 2000 years; today that development continues as they apply modern science to understand and find new applications for herbs.

The herbal formulas have been tested and successfully used by people for many centuries and still work today. The formulas can be adapted specifically for the individual and their illness.

The herbal system is based on the 5 different flavours (sweet, sour, salty, bitter or pungent) and 4 temperatures (hot, cold, cool, neutral). By skilfully combining the herbs, the affected part of the body can be targeted.

Herbal Medicine is drunk as a tea 2-3- times a day. It is specifically tailored for your condition to address specific signs and symptoms on your road to recovery.

At the heart of this system is accurate clinical observation of signs and symptoms. These are ordered into the layers of the body, a bit like an onion!  If an imbalance penetrates to the deeper layers of the body, it will generally require longer treatment. The rate at which it works, depends on the relative health of your body and the length of time your body has been out of health.

This theory and practice of Chinese Medicine continues to evolve; it is able to do so because Chinese Medicine is based on the timeless Laws of Nature; it is equally relevant today and can be applied to modern disease.