Meet Our Practitioners

Our Vision

To combine Chinese Medicine with Western Medicine to solve chronic health condition by blending ancient wisdom based on the laws of nature with modern scientific knowledge.

Daphne uses her considerable knowledge and years of experience working in Chinese Medical Practice and in biomedical research to help you solve your health problems.

She blends her skills in Chinese Medicine with her extensive biomedical training gained from 20 years in scientific research with clarity, precision and in a very personable style.

Daphne’s Qualifications:
Physician of Chinese Medicine with 3 degrees from Australian and British Universities in

  • B.Sc. is Acupuncture and Chinese Herbal Medicine graduating with Honours 2007 Victoria University, Australia
  • Doctor of Philosophy in the Microbiology of the Gut in Colon/rectal Cancer and Inflammatory Bowel Disease 1987, London University, School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine
    author of 25 refereed academic publications
  • B.Sc. (Hons) Microbiology 1981 Aberdeen University, Scotland) 

Daphne has provided leadership and creative vision in a life dedicated to improving health for others.

Her career spans 35 years: first studying biomedical research to PhD level and publishing 25 research papers, then working as a specialist scientific adviser in health and biosciences in London. She sailed for 2 years arriving in Australia and worked for the Victorian State Government and Nutrition Care exploring how Chinese and Natural Medicine could partner biotechnology while studying for her Chinese Medicine Degree.

She brings all of this experience and knowledge to her Chinese Medicine Practice.

She and her husband have chosen to settle in Ballarat. Her aim is to work with health professionals who share her compassion for people to serve and improve health in the community.

Professional Dedication to Improving the Connecting Medicine Clinic Service through Life Long learning

Daphne is dedicated to Ongoing Education; she has worked with and learnt from the best mentors nationally and internationally in Chinese Medicine to continue to deliver the best service she can and reach out to those in the community who are committed to regaining their health.

She has invested her time in learning several systems of Acupuncture to understand the benefits of the different approaches she offers.

Daphne has spent several years observing Doctor Kang Zhou, a Chinese Medicine practitioner with over 40 years of experience, and, through this, has learnt from him how to treat many complex cases.

Since graduating, Daphne has spent 25 Weekend Courses devoted to studying 5 Element Acupuncture and has worked and received mentoring from Nora Franglen in London, an International leader who is taking this form of classical acupuncture back to Beijing University.