Five Element Acupuncture

Five Element Acupuncture is a gentle and effective style of Acupuncture . It goes to the heart of the illness; it rebalances, unblocks and strengthens your inner core with some surprising and unexpected health benefits.

It combines Acupuncture with Moxa– a herb that nourishes your energy and blood – feel the difference and walk out with peace and renewed inner strengthin mind, body and spirit.

Five Elements:

The Five Elements are Wood, Fire, Earth, Metal and Water. Each is associated with a season e.g. Wood is linked to Spring.

The five elements form a cycle the mother element generates the child e.g. Spring is the mother of summer; Wood is needed to make Fire.
Each Element is also responsible for an Organ System and a Personality Type.

Five Element Theory

The “Five Element Theory” was first written down over 2000 years ago in the First Book on Chinese Medicine called the Neijing.

This book provided the framework for Chinese Medicine to develop and continue to evolve today based on the timeless Laws of Nature.  Five Element Theory was described in the Neijing and included the five organ systems and their associated parts of the body.
This was at a time when the western world was in the Iron Age labouring to survive.

Five Element Acupuncture and how it works with your health
Five Element Cycle
The Generating Cycle or Mothering Cycle:

Just as each season in nature engenders the following season e.g. winter enables spring, then spring enables summer; each Element and its associated organ system supports the element that follows it in the cycle and its associated connections in the body known as The Concordance Tables.

5 Element Acupuncture & the Grandparent Cycle
Controlling Cycle or Grandparent Cycle:

The blossoms in Spring will control the fruits of the Harvest; in Chinese Medicine so it is with Wood controlling Earth. It is known as the grandparent cycle, as the season the generation before controls its grandchild, and its associated connections in the body.

Five element theory
Five Element Theory and Diagnosis of Disease

The system of the Five Elements, and the relationships between the organs and their associated body parts, provide the basis for diagnosis and treatment in Acupuncture and Herbal Medicine.

Diagnosis is based on accurate observations of your body’s unique signs and symptoms. The relationship between these and the cause of illness is determined from a well organised system that understands the connections in your body, as outlined in The Concordance Table.

Often the pain or unexplained discomforts that are frustrating and very real for you, remain as unanswered questions. By applying Chinese Medical Theory, we can deduce what is happening that is causing your body to be out of balance.

Your symptoms reflect both the state of your internal environment , a function of your lifestyle choices and your genetic inheritance, which in Chinese Medicine we call your constitutional tendency, and the external environment , the seasons and external pathogens e.g. virus.
All of this is taken into account in the diagnosis of your condition.